Quick Demonstration of Lovense Ambi Vibrations

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This Lovense Ambi video review demo gives a quick guide and demonstration of the vibration speed & patterns, to help you see how powerful and loud the vibrator features are.

A quick 2-minute demo reviewing the vibration features & power on the Ambi versatile bullet vibrator by Lovense. Using a bowl of water to enable to viewer to get some representation of the vibrations visually.

Cycling through the vibrators programs, cycle through the power settings (Low, Medium & High), see the difference by the displacement of liquid and splashes. One thing that is apparent by this demo in bowl of water review, is that the broad stimulation tip of the Ambi is more powerful than the focussed tip, which is surprising as one would image that more power would be sought when a feature that is meant to ‘focus’ concentration of stimulation.

The pattern programs are Pulse, Wave, Firework & Earthquake, which can hear more than see the vibrations. On the subject of sound, this bullet vibe is not one of the quietest, so may be worth your consideration if wanting to buy a Lovense Ambi for discreet solo play if you’re wanting to use in a setting where you don’t want others to hear you are using it!

Perfect for solo play and during sex

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