What is the Lovense Lapis?

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Curious about the Lovense Lapis? What is it and who is it suitable for? …

Well first off, let’s get the official Lapis product descriptor from Lovense, who state that this sex toy is an: App-controlled Dual-ended Vibrating Strapless Strap-on; Flexible double-ended vibrating strapless strap-on; The Best Double-Sided Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Penetration Dildo.

Which means the Lovense Lapis is a couple’s toy designed to offer lesbian, trans and bisexual partners a dual experience, be it simultaneous female vaginal penetration or straight/bi/trans couples a vaginal and anal male pegging experience.

This strap on style sex toys doesn’t actually feature any straps, it’s strapless, one size of this double ended sex toy is worn inside the vagina, it’s form sits inside and against the G-Spot with the protruding phallus shaped vibrating dildo end for vaginal or anal penetration, including pegging.

The Lovense Lapis video above is purely a 360 simulation of the toy rotating to allow you to see what the Lapis looks like. Along with the above description you should be in a position to at least get a good idea of the toy and its purpose for using.

Lovense Lapis

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