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A dual-end vibrator for fast orgasms. It offers dual, multi-purpose and efficient use.

It’s a double-ended independently functional vibrator. One end concentrates on delivering precise, pinpointed, concentration of focussed stimulation, perfect for clitoral and other exact spots. The three precision tip attachments included help you further focussed on a specific vibrating stimulation: A spherical tip lets you take aim and deliver to the general spot, the U-shaped tip hugs the clit, nipple and parts of your vagina, cradling with intense vibrations all around. A tongue-shaped tip is designed to replicate oral like licks. The other end is a completely different vibrator, a more traditional penetrating probe vibe, delivery broad strong vibrations to the vaginal entrance, sink deep inside and reach your G-spot for a powerful penetrative orgasms.

Two independent vibrator motors in each end, ensuring you get the right amount of high-powered and specific frequency of vibrations to your chosen pleasure point or region. Control the tip using the toy, explore a range of further patterns and unlimited vibrations using the Lovense Remote app, or remote control the G-spot vibe, using the close-range or long-distance Bluetooth remote control possibilities.

Made from body-safe materials, features a silicone cover that helps the Hyphy offer a high level of IPX7 waterproof rating, ensuring you can take and use where there’s water and get it wet with reassurance or performance.

A multi-functional case offers convenient charging within, simply connect the USB charge to a compatible device or port, connecting to the case via magnetic-safe contacts, the case offers safe & secure storage and makes it the perfect travel-friendly sex toy.

A full charge takes 75 minutes and will offer up to 310 minutes of use or 210 hours of standby time.

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  1. I like the idea of multi function sex toys; a different sex toy at each end and for the price of one of the single function lovense toys too! A 2-in-1 straight couples male & female masturbator/male vibrator and vibrator for women would be a good idea for a couples sex toy that can be used by both partners at the same time.

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