Real Demo of Lovense Gush

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Are you about to buy Lovense Gush? The glans massager / vibrating stroker masturbator? Wait! … Watch this Lovense Gush real demo video first as it shows the Lovense Gush in action, so you can see for yourself if the Gush is a good match for your sexual needs.

You’ll see a genuine real user who filmed himself using the Gush on his own penis, for informational purposes, this is not pornography, it’s a real depiction demo of the product being used as it’s designed to be, purely for the purposes of reporting and reviewing the Gush to provide an informative view of its features without any bias.

You’ll discover how you can use Gush and how it works. A genuine demonstration of the Gush, its vibration modes (preset) while using as a glans massager, see just how effective this sex toy is by witnessing the reaction of the users’ penis during each vibration intensity or pattern.

The Gush demo then concludes showing how to use it as a vibrating stroker sex toy, the demonstrator strokes using the Lovense Gush. A complete demo that includes the model using it all the way to the end, until he climaxes, ejaculating whilst using this dual purpose Lovense penis massager/vibrator.

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One thought on “Real Demo of Lovense Gush

  1. Great to see a video of real usage of sex toys like this. Most other demo or review videos are so obviously just promotional to try and get people to buy sex toys, whereas your video really shows it with no bullsh*tting included. I was about to buy the gush until searching Google for a demo and came across this page, I think it is still worth a punt having seen what it does. Thanks for sharing your demo vid 🙂

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