Motorbunny Machine Vs The Sybian

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This video compares the specs and features of the Motorbunny and Sybian machine.

The Motorbunny and Sybian are both very similar sex toys / machine in terms of use and style, both look remarkably alike, except for the Motorbunny which has the additional feature of 4 x eye hooks which are multi-purpose and can be used to attach restraints, additional accessories or provide anchor for the machine.

Both these machines are categorised as powerful ride-on vibrators. However, in terms of vibration power, the Motorbunny has a more powerful motor and therefore is considered the more powerful of the both in terms of the RPM of the vibration speeds it is able to achieve and deliver to the user. In terms of weight, there isn’t much difference, but the Motorbunny is approx. 1 lb lighter in weight, so will be slightly easier to handle and move about to your desired position.

Another pro of the Motorbunny machine is the power adapter and controller, both of which are independent to the Motorbunny machine body, the Sybian’s power unto and controller are hardwired into the main body of the machine, which means that if there is any problems with the power or controller on each of the units, the independent power and control unit on the motorbunny can be replaced or repairs, whereas on the Sybian the entire Sybian machine will need to be returned to allow a repair, plus this means the Motorbunny can be upgraded easily with new controllers such as the LINK controller which gives the Motorbunny more feature advantages, such as multi-directional twirl, pre-programmed vibrations & twirl patterns which are hard to replicate using the wired controller, plus giving control to another person including over long-distance using their smart device, giving the Motorbunny even more of an advantage over the Sybian’s control and functions.

Bear in mind that both these ride-on vibrators are powerful and do produce some noise, both of which are similar to sound produced by a food blender. Both Motorbunny and Sybian come with the same number of attachments included in the standard package, both of which are compatible with each machine too.

The final Sybian V Motorbunny comparison is the price. If you are on a budget or even trying to find out which is the most cost effective and best value, the winner is the Motorbunny, which is considerably cheaper, offers more features, so much better value than the Sybian machine, even with upgrades the Motorbunny is a lower price, plus Motorbunny sales, offers and special deals are common via and retailers, so you could get yourself a real Motorbunny bargain.

This Motorbunny V Sybian compare video, whilst is provided by Motorbunny Labs, tries to remain impartial, fair and unbiased, includes factual information which should allow you to be able to ascertain which is the best ride-on machine for you, in terms of features, functions, specifications, uses, ability and price.

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