Demo of the Hismith Sex Machine (HS06)

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Do you want to learn more about the HS06 Hismith machine? Thinking about getting one and want to know if this model of machine is suitable for your needs?

Watch just how easy this premium sex machine is to assemble and setup in a wide range of angles to suit your sex position. One ready and an attachment installed, you will get to see the thrusting action and just how fast this machine can fuck.

The machine is the demonstrated with a range of different dildo attachments, masturbators and adaptors, showing just how quick & easy the Kliclok system makes switching toys, even attaching two at the same time using a double-penetration adaptor.

Finally, witness the Hismith HS06 readied with a big realistic penis dildo and a realistic vagina taking a fucking, showing just how good and powerful the machine is.

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