Demonstration of the Fuck Yeah Machine (FY500)

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Are you looking for the UK’s most powerful sex machine? Fuck Yeah!

The FY500 sex machine is a extremely powerful thrusting machine that utilises a 350W Nema 34 Hybrid Stepper/Servo motor that delivers 12Nm of torque.

The powerful motor transfers it’s bi-directional rotation into thrusting action via a rack & pinion drive system, offering precise control and up to 857N of force – This is equivalent to the machine been able to lift 87Kg, which is more than the weight of an average British adult!

You can see for yourself, just how powerful and controllable the FY500 is, even when it has extra-large attachments installed and being used.

An adjustable stroke length of between 0.5 and 18 inches, makes this machine one of the largest stroke length ranges, reaching thrusting speeds of over 800 strokes per minute.

So, if you are in the market for a sex machine that has a way better performance than other fucking machines, the Fuck Yeah machine

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