Hismith Table Top 2.0 Demo

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A video of the new generation of the Hismith Table Top machines, the 2.0.

First thing that is noticeable is that is way smaller and lighter, it’s much more compact.

You can connect it to the Hismith APP (iOS and Android), meaning your partner can remotely control it, they just have to download the free app and you send them an invite and they can take control of your machine no matter where they are.

Taking a closer close at this machine, first of all the parts are all unboxed and any packaging removed, the machine it then assembles, really easily, the silicone attachment installed via KlicLok and the power adapter and leads plugged in – It literally took 7 minutes to be unboxed, put together and it working!

The reviewer explains she has done several vids of Hismith machines and is impressed by the new Tabletop 2.0, for which there are so many attachments available, dildos, pocket pussies, monster cocks, giant dildos, vibrators, adapters and more.

So you’re no doubt here to see this machine in action… Okay, so when it comes down to setup, you saw how little time and simple it was to setup. Once fully assembled, the attachment installation/change is really quick, the angle is adjustable and involves nothing more than twisting a knob. If you want to use the machine whilst stood-up, some handy legs allow this.

Are you ready to watch the machine working? It’s plugged in to the mains, the wired controller is connected, simply switch the power button on, twist the speed dial and the machine begins thrusting.

A real benefit of this sex machine is that it combines the non-personal element of a sex machine with the personal feature of relinquishing control to someone else.

The foam-lined carry case / bag is perfect for discreet storage or travel.

So who is this machine good for? Someone who is into machine sex, who is kinky, someone looking to explore the range of attachments, it’ll be great for camming or if you have an onlyfans. Couples who are looking for some long-distance sex. This machine isn’t for everyone, but you will know if it is for you simply by watching this video.

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