Sybian Tested & Reviewed by Couples


Watch the Sybian in action with real couples who test and give their review of the Sybian.

The Sybian is a great sex toy to reboot your sex life as these willing testers demonstrate and discuss, considering this ride on vibrator, not as a couple’s replacement, but enhancing couple’s sex lives.

Demo’s: Women give the machine demo, riding the vibrator in their sexy lingerie, panties on, they grind the flat attachment. A loving couple share the experience, her partner sits on the Sybian stool in control of the vibration and rotation, stimulating and arousing his other half who embraces both the machine and him, in a real loving experience.

Reviews: The male half of a couple encourages you to bring a Sybian into the bedroom, you have to do it, once you see how much potential, pleasure and the orgasms achievable from the Sybian. A rider tells how the machine gives her orgasms like no other, full-body, quivering orgasmic pleasure. It’s for all couples, straight male/female or lesbians. Having your lover join in on the Sybian experience, with them close in front of you as you ride it, feel the touch, warmth and skin on yours is such a shared intimate experience. The Sybian is like no other ride, totally different and it doesn’t take the place of something, namely a lover, but it enhances a couple’s sex life! Don’t forget it’s not just for couples, ride the machine solo, it’s a great sex toy machine that will help those who have trouble reaching an orgasms or maybe have never had an orgasms before, helping to achieve to climax and build your sexual confidence. It’s just a wonderful machine that a reviewer suggests everyone should try it!

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One thought on “Sybian Tested & Reviewed by Couples

  1. I owned this machine for years and recently bought the cowgirl machine. So if you are wandering which is the best Sybian V cowgirl, it’s 100% the cowgirl for me. The Sybian’s look and features just feel very much out of date when I put both machines side by side, in fact I now have no need for my Sybian machine so anybody looking for a cheap second hand used Sybian?

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