The Motorbunny Buck Machine

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Want to discover the Motorbunny Buck – The world’s first hybrid saddle vibrator & thrusting sex machine.

How does the Motorbunny buck work? The Buck can be used with G-thrust toggle for up/forward thrusting motion or the Thrust toggle for straight up/down motion, so you can explore different types of thrusting angles dependant on your position and needs, not seated in the cowgirl ride-on position or unseated using the wedge.

What attachments are included? There are three styles of attachment includes, which are: Flat, The Sweet Spot and The Thumper. The Flat allows you to explore grinding vibrating stimulation; The sweet Spot offers angled thrust designed to reach, stimulate and arouse the G-spot or prostate; The Thumper for direct in|out thrusting penetrative play.

The Motorbunny Buck includes everything you need to get started using the machine, simply connect the power cable and plug into source, install your desired Buck attachment, connect the controller and begin your ride on vibrator and thrusting sex machine play.

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