How Lovense Toys Work

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This Lovense videos explains how Lovense sex toys assist lovers in long-distance relationships.

Over the years couples have sought ways to keep close intimately despite distance splitting them apart, but thanks to enhancements in technology, particularly smart devices, plus the evolution of toys, teledildonics and Lovense toys can now be used by couples who are apart that can sense each others movement react to create virtual intimacy.

Lovense toys can be controlled by your smart phone from your house, across the street, across the county and from the other side of the world! But not only is this about remotely controlling couple’s sex toys, Lovense toys can sense movement and react, which means when one partner used and moves their toy one way, their partners toy reacts and moves the other way and vice versa, this is called bi-directional control and recreates just how couple’s would in real life, creating an intimate connection between long-distance lovers even though they’re miles apart.

It works using an app on your iPhone or android phone, which allows control of the Lovense toy via Bluetooth connection, then the app can connect to another Lovense app user via the internet and allows you to communicate and control each others toys and explore the teledildonic features.

Lovense toys can be used as a solo remote control sex toy if you want to play alone, use the app to control the sex toy’s functions, they are sync to music so move in response to the beats & sounds of your favourite song, they also feature sound activated vibrations feature.

So, to sum up how Lovense toys work, they are app controlled bluetooth wireless remote control and virtual sex toys that can be close or long-distance controlled, that have been created with long-distance relationships in mind, but can also be used alone and even offer features that accommodate cybersex and webcam modelling.

All Lovense’s are waterproof, made from a body-safe medical grade silicone and have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

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