Dolce by Lovense

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The Lovense Dolce (A.K.A. Quake) is a Bluetooth Adjustable Dual Vibrator.

If you are searching for the perfect blended orgasm, the Dolce by Lovense is the choice!

With 2 motors, an adjustable neck and strong vibe… It’s dual, adjustable & powerful.

Dual motors equate to dual orgams. Vibrator motors are situated to produce powerful dual erogenous stimulating, targeting the clitoris and G spot.

The Adjustable next allows the vibrator to be moulded to the shape to suit, ensuring handsfree pleasure and maximum dual vaginal stimulation.

This custom-fit vibrator, allows YOU to adjust the next as YOU need & want!

Explore solo play using the remote control feature for true hands-free explorations, you can customise your vibrator settings and save your perfect patterns and strengths to use anytime you want.

Use the Lovense remote app to explore Bluetooth remote control, the next generation chip means this toy has the best connectivity. Also explore long-distance love via the app, allow your partner or anyone else, anywhere, to explore intimately with you.

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4 thoughts on “Dolce by Lovense

    1. The Lovense Quake is a newer product than the Lush 3. In terms of purpose, the Quake is a dual stimulation vibrator, stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoris, for a blended orgasm. The Quake also features a flexible neck, making it adjustable to fit the form of the wear and can possible offer more precise fitting and play.

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