Lovense Lush 1 Guide

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Watch the Lovense Lush 1 visual manual for unbox & setup, usage & care, warnings, Lovense app, device pairing, connecting to Windows PC and connecting with a partner guidance.

Inside the box you will find a user manual, quick setup guide, USB charging cable and your Lush.

First charge your Lush, using the USB charging cable, push the pin into the port on your Lush until you see a red light, which indicates charging in progress.

A full charge takes 1.5 hours and will be indicated once the red indicator light has gone off.

Pressing & holding the button on the Lush for 3-5 seconds will turn on your Lush, a red indicator light will begin to flash to let you know that it is ready. Press the button a single time to sequence through the 7 vibration modes: 1. Low, 2. Medium, 3. High, 4. Pulse, 5. Wave, 6. Fireworks, 7. Earthquake.

You should clean you Lush before & after each use, doing so in warm water and clean using a mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Next, apply lube to both your Lush and your body before insertion.

Here are some warnings to be aware of: Only use a water-based lubricant as silicone or oil based lubes can cause damage to the Lush silicone. Keep the Lush away for extreme temperatures, both hot or cold. Do not boil in water. Make sure the Lush is charged a minimum of once every 6 months. Do not use the Lush while it is charging.

Download the Lovense app to your smart device, or use the Lovense USB remote app and download the app if using a Windows computer. Pair your device and explore the Bluetooth remote control settings or long-distance virtual sex features.

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