Lovense Domi 2 v Domi 1 – What’s Better?


The Lovense Domi 2 – discover huge improvements since the Domi 1.

Domi 2 Improvements

  • A new sleeker looking Lovense Domi 2
  • features the next generation Bluetooth chip
  • a longer continuous usage time of up to 6 hours
  • and choice of 7 lighting options.

The Domi 2 still features body-safe materials, is water resistant, a wireless wand vibe and produces the strong & rumbly vibrations you’d expect from a Lovense wand massager.

The Best Domi Mini Wand Yet!

The improved design of the Domi 2, includes an updated antenna and the next generation bluetooth chip for significantly improved connectivity. The dual rotating head features a reinforced neck, a lighting ring with 7 different selectable light colours. The IPX6 water resistance allows the wand to be used in environments and sitautions that are likely to result in the wand getting wet. The rechargeable batter now last 3 times longer than that in its predecessor. The Lovense remote app allows you to create your own vibration patterns and access those created by others. Domi attachments allow versatile use of the wand, with a female G-spot attachment and male P-spot attachment available.

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