Shockspot Software Setup Video Tutorial

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Discover the Shockspot sex machine software in action with this demonstration video guide.

If you are interested in buying a Shockspot or have just got your new sex machine and looking for a demo of the software, this video will give you a step-by-step tutorial of the Shockspot sex machine and software.

With your Shockspot assembled, plugged in and connected to your PC, go ahead and run the Shockspot software programme, accepting the terms of use and proceed to the main programme, the inception of which is the software connecting to your machine, you will notice some movement with the thrust rod where it recoils back to it’s in position, if fully in at the start there will be a little movement.

It is advisable to work from the bottom right hand corner in the user interface, starting with the ‘connect’ button, select the Shockspot machine model, then scan for machine and you should once again notice some movement to indicate a successful connection between machine and PC software. If there is no movement, check that the machine is on, check for green light and that all wires are securely connected before reattempting connection.

Next you are going to want to set the parameters for your machine use: Max Depth is how far the machine comes out (penetration depth), its a safety setting that sets the machine thrust not to exceed this instance; Depth is starting position of the thrust rod in terms of it’s out position, which cannot exceed the max depth setting; Max Stroke is the distance between in-out, the penetration & retraction depth, the thrusting length; Speed is the max speed setting; Smoothness is the speed up to the speed ‘setting’ controlled by the user.

Once the software parameters are all set up, the user can then adjust the settings, tweaking as needed for their use, you can then set up the remote function to allow a third party to access the controls using their software.

The software has features that are suitable for webcam models who wish to use the Shockspot sex machine during performances and allow their customers the ability to control their sex machine simultaneously while viewing their live cam show stream. Shockspot is a great prop for increased monetisation and profit of adult webcam models.

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