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Watch a solo demonstration of The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine in action by single female model.

Model and The Cowgirl sex machine tester gets the opportunity to use the machine alone, to discover it’s solo potential, explore the features focussed on her own satisfaction and pleasure.

The sexy brunette model, in just her sexy lingerie bras & panties set, walks over to The Cowgirl machine in her heels, which is sat on a large stool, it’s fitter with the Rawhide textured silicone attachment, which she straddles still wearing her panties, powering up the vibration the form of the Rawhide attachment delivers intense stimulation to her clitoris and labia.

The tester explains how she’s the type of masturbator who uses a vibrator in a relaxed atmosphere, such as after a nice bath and then would use The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine with an external stimulating attachment and the vibrate function.

Witness The cowgirl machine being rode by the demonstrator, who is soon increasing the vibration speed, with which her arousal builds to orgasm, more power and she begins grinding the form of the machine, pressing her clitoral region against the vibration bulge, until she reaches a very powerful climax, full body convulsions with orgasmic pleasure.

This video is not pornographic, it is a factual sex machine demonstration and review by a model who gives a true demonstration of the product, to allow you to come to your own conclusion on this products features and quality. Viewing this content should help you reach the conclusion that this sex toy is a high end sex machine.

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