Lovense Max 2

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The Max 2 – Revolutionising male masturbators by Lovense.

Lovense Max 2 promo advert by Lovense, depicts a revolutionary male masturbator sex toy for men. Featuring vibration power and patterns, a flesh-like TPE canal that’s texture for extra pleasure, stimulating while you stroke.

Virtual reality masturbator thats compatible with interactive VR games, explore teledildonics and intimacy for long-distance lovers. Remote control features all you to control the Max 2 from any distance, enhancing intimacy for long-distance relationship couples, you can let other control your sex toy, even have cyber sex.

Long-distance sex can either be accomplished allowing your partner to access the Max 2 controls, controlling the vibration or contraction settings, or if they possess another Lovense teledildonic enabled sex toy such as the Nora, you can both use your toys which sense each other and react to the movement and play of each, replicating in-person interactions.

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