Long-Distance & Public Play using Lovense

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Discover the features that allow you to use Lovense toys for long-distance play, including public sex toy fun.

How’s this for Public?

Imagine the setting… A high powered business man in the middle of very important business meeting. Accompanied in the boardroom with equally executive employees. It’s the kind of setting that can add to the thrill and risk of using sex toys in a public setting. This is a VERY public situation!

What the rest of those in attendance don’t know, is that he’s wearing a butt plug. A butt plug inserted in his arse – kinky enough you’d think!? Now imagine if that butt plug was a vibrating butt plug! Not only a butt plug vibe, but one which features remote control.

App Controlled

So, you’re happily absorbing the content of the business discussion. All of a sudden, your partner back at home access the Lovense Remote app. On doing so, establishes a connection to the Lovense Hush. All of a sudden the plugged employee begins to appear uncomfortable. Hiding his arousal, squirming and pulling some sex faces as his Hush happily begins to vibe his ass! His partner controls the vibration settings, low-high powered and working through some of the patterns. Witness an explosive very public orgasmic ending.

This Lovense HUSH app-controlled sex toy demo video aims to show some of the possibilities of using the product. Get an example of the setting in which you could use a discreet vibrator. Perfect sex toys for couples, especially those in long-distance relationships.

Buy Lovense toys if you would like to experience long distance intimacy and/or using sex toys in public. Imagine all the virtual interactive sex and risky public situations in which you could use the features of teledildonics.

This is a feature that works with all the Lovense Bluetooth remote-controlled long-distance sex toys range!

Control Him with HUSH by LOVENSE

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