How to Install Vac-U-Lock Dildos on Shockspot

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Watch this Shockspot resource video and discover how to attach your Vac-U-Lock attachments to your Shockspot sex machine via the Vack-U-Lock adapter, demonstrating the correct way to attach Vac U Lock attachments to avoid damage to your sex machine.

Shockspot uses the popular dildo attachment system know as Vac-U-Lock, which is Doc Johnson design, ensuring a safe & secure dildo attachment. To install your dildo, sex toy or similar Vac U Lock compatible accessory, make sure the Shockspot thrust rod is in the out position, take a firm hold of the thrust rod, using your other hand push the attachments Vac-u-Lock port onto the Shockspot Vac-U-Lock adapter until you hear two clicks which signifies that the attachment is fully attached. To remove your attachments, follow the attach method in reverse, pulling the attachment off the adapter, without excessive rocking, all the time having a firm hold of the thrust rod.

Note that improper attachments and incorrect attaching can result in damage to your Shockspot.

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