Black Couple Ride the Cowgirl Machine

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Discover how the premium sex machine The Cowgirl can enhance a couple’s sex life.

Don’t let The Cowgirl sex machine intimidate couples, it’s not designed to replace the male in a M/F straight couple’s sexual relationship, The Cowgirl, as you will see, can contribute a whole new dimensions to a couple’s relationship.

Watch this black African American real couple explore the benefits of The Cowgirl. With the couple stripped down to their underwear and The Cowgirl all ready & waiting on the bed, the lovers make their way towards the sex machine with curiosity. The female gets on the bed and leans over the sex machine, allowing her male partner to kiss her body, he encourages her to straddle The Cowgirl and joins her on the saddle from behind, where he offers further encouragement with additional sensual foreplay, before taking charge of The Cowgirl wired controller vibration dial and engages the vibrations, delivering intense stimulation to her clitoral via the Rawhide attachment.

It is soon apparent that the guys fears of being replaced by the machine are eased as he realises that any help in making her happy, even if in the form of a sex toy or sex machine, is advantageous to their play, as it allows the male more ability to engage with her in sensual foreplay without having to focus as much on her vagina & clitoris, the machine does such a good job in stimulating her, he can be closer by her side and form a more emotional connection while her sexual needs are being fulfilled.

The couple who demonstrate The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine, most definitely see the benefits of the machine, their review of using this sex machine as a couple are very positive.

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