EDGE by Lovense

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The Lovense Egde adjustable prostate massage vibrator. A remote app-controlled bluetooth male anal prostate massager vibe teledilddonic sex toy.

Here’s another Lovense sex toy for men, the Edge by Lovense is the world’s first adjustable prostate massager.

EDGE takes the guesswork out of prostate massage. The patented adjustable metal body, allows the massage angle to be adjusted and customised to your perfect prostate massaging position.

Are you struggling to find a prostate massage vibrator that can target your prostate? If you have tried other P-Spot vibes without success, try the EDGE’s flexible metal form to position it to your perfect shape.

Featureing a slim neck and carefully designed form, it allows comfortable wear, both in private & public. Prostate play for extended periods of time, where it will remain in place & it’s completely hands-free.

Experience simultaneous prostate & perineum massage and stimulation from the high-powered dual vibrators. Control the power and patterns via the Lovense remote app, it’s free and easily installed on your smartphone or device. Allows remote-controlled by a partner, it even allows another person to control, who can be anywhere in the world!

The Edge is a teledildonic, which means that is sex tech, featuring technology that helps bridge the gap of distance and promotes intimacy, it’s particular favoured by couples in long-distance relationships who are seeking a way to explore sex. It’s like having sex, except virtually using a sex toy.

Control Him! EDGE 2 by LOVENSE

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