Lovense RealSize Condoms – Measured for Pleasure

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Need a condom that fits? Use the mobile measure feature on your device to discover which of the Made to Measure range of Lovense Condoms is your size, or for a more tailored fit, use the Lovense 3D measure app for a complete custom fitting condom.

Lovense RalSize condoms range are available in sizes: 49 mm (Length: 160 mm), 51 mm (Length: 180 mm), 52 mm (Length: 180 mm), 54 mm (Length: 180 mm), 56 mm (Length: 190 mm) and 60 mm (Length: 190 mm).

Made from natural rubber premium latex with a cylindrical form, lubricated with a long-lasting silicone lube, featuring a reservoir end for sperm collection. These condoms comply wth ISO 4047 / CE 0123 safety certification.

Buy Lovense RealSize condoms as a one-off purchase of choose to subscribe to Lovense condoms subscription service and receive a regular replenishment of your perfect size condoms as often as you need them. No obligation you cancel your subscription at any time.

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