How-To Install a Chastity Device EASY


Having a little trouble putting on your chastity cage? Watch this video from experienced chastity wearer, on how to put on your metal cage style male chastity device quickly & easily for comfortable and secure chastity wear.

Preparation Tips

  • Use suitably sized device
  • Ensure device is clean and dry
  • Take a warm shower and dry yourself
  • Warm the device to body temperature
  • Install in a warm and comfortable setting
  • Refrain from arousing thoughts of chastity

Before you Begin

To begin with, make sure the chastity device is clean and ready to use, assemble all parts of the device to make sure it’s all present & correct and to visually inspect your device, its integrity, suitability for use and that you’ve selected a device, with a ring and cage/tube portion that are of suitable proportion for your genital size. If your device is metal I would either put the parts in direct sunlight, on top of your radiator, run under a warm tap or place near a heat source in order to bring the devices materials to a temperature similar to that of your body temperature.

Ensure your are comfortable to proceed, that your penis & scrotum are at their most flaccid and relaxed, to assist in achieving this state it is advised to take a warm shower before retiring to a warm room, make sure around your penis and scrotum area is completely dry before attempting to put on your chastity.

Installing Male Chastity Guide

Install chastity cage in 3-steps:

  1. Install the Ring
  2. Install the Cage
  3. Lock the Device

The first part of installing your chastity is probably the most important and the bit which most people find difficult and that is installing the ring portion of the chastity device. So, having taken the preparation tips above into account, so you’re comfortable and unaroused, begin by installing the ring.

1. Hold the ring, the right way round and with the lock portion at the top, facing away from your body, place it below your testicles, if you’re fully relaxed and the scrotum is hanging, then identify which testicle hands the lowest, select that as the first one which will go through the ring. With the ring below testicle 1, gently pull on the scrotum skin below it and allow the testicle to fall through, it may need a little encouraging if you’re not as loose as myself, but ideally it should have no trouble feeding through the ring, the trick is to pull enough of your scrotum through the ring first to be able to accommodate the testicle. Once one of your balls are in place, if you had trouble just make sure that the testicle is facing in its natural direction and did not twist.

Next, pull the ring up to the next testicle, once again pulling enough of your scrotum skin through the ring, this bit is a little trickier than the first testicle in most cases, as now there’s less room to accommodate the second ball, so you may beed to encourage it through by pushing on your testicle from above, gently do not at any stage force or cause discomfort trying to get the ring on. The trick against here is to ensure that there’s enough scrotum skin already through the chastity ring and you are relaxed and loose, it may help to take a quick break at any point, especially if you are not as relaxed or as loose as you wish and know you can be, nor are you becoming aroused by the handling of your cock & balls or the thought of chastity itself.

With both your testicle comfortable, the final stage of ring installation is to get it around your penis too. With your non-erect penis, depending on of you are a grower or a shower, this stage should be easier for growers as they are generally smaller when flaccid, but the same technique applies for all, it is important to make sure your flaccid cock is it’s smallest and most relaxed so that it can be encouraged through the ring without any resistance. So, you can just use your instinct on how you would at first attempt try and get your penis the other side of the ring. Holding the ring with one hand use your fingers to Pugh your cock into the ring, a good tip here, if it’s something you can do, it to push your penis into your scrotum and to below and inside the ring and let it come back out the other side.

Now your chastity ring piece in on, pull your cock and balls down and the ring towards your body to make sure you are fully through, it should be comfortable and not overly tight, you should ideally be able to twist your ring at this point, but other because of the resistance of your skin against the metal, sweat or moist, you may find it difficult. The ring should not be causing restriction of blood flow to your genitalia and your testicles and tubes should be all in their normal positions.

The ring could have an effect similar to how a metal cock & scrotum ring would, causing you to erect if you become aroused, this is normal, but like a cock ring should fit, it should not cause any restriction that could result in damage to your anatomy.

2. With the ring portion of your chastity cage in place, the installation of the cage portion is easier, even if it can prove a little fiddly. The cage has to be attached to the ring portion. Some cages have guides, posts or pins for the cage to fit into a recess on the ring, not all, but if this is the case, be extra careful to make sure that your bits & bobs, especially your skin is well out of the way, as it is not uncommon to pinch, nip or trap yourself, which can be a little painful.

When placing the cage over the end of your penis, if you still posses a foreskin, it’s a good idea to position this in the opening at the end to make sure your penis is in an ideal position before you install the cage. I advise that you wear chastity with your foreskin retracted to aide with passing urine and for general hygiene and comfort, so if you cage doesn’t allow you to pull your foreskin back over your glans once installed, then ignore what I said about the foreskin positioning earlier and restrict your skin prior to installing the cage, but make sure your pee hole is positioned as near to the opening as possible in this case.

3. So, now the ring and cage are in place, your cock & balls are comfortable, it’s time to get the lock on. Depending if you have a padlock or hinged type locking mechanism, I advise a chastity device that features the inline locking myself, get the cage locked to the ring and your chastity device secure quick before the idea of you wearing chastity gets the better of you and your growing erection tried to escape by pushing the cage away from the ring.

Are You Locked?

Congratulations! How simple was that, eh!?… Granted it may have taken a good few attempts to get to the point where installing your chastity is this hassle-free. But the trick really boils down to relaxation and treating the act of installation as a non-sexual task, which can be difficult for beginners – I remember how the idea of being cock locked used to turn me on. But just remember, there’s better world of pleasure on the other side, the reward that comes from wearing chastity and the discipline of being chaste itself, especially when you have not being able to get an erection, masturbated or had a release of fluids for a significant length of time. You will experience an increase in libido, happiness – yes really even without your cock you will be more happy, these are just some of the benefits that are coupled with a heightened state of permanent sexual arousal, all this is far greater than any urge to spunking your load when putting on your device.

Advice on Choosing Chastity Size

From experience, the best size cage to get for chastity wear by a grower (not a shower) penis, is to select a size that matches your flaccid state, measure the length of your penis and by a chastity device with a cage portion that does not allow any space to erect, this will help prevent the erection from trying to push your device off. The less you can increase in size due to arousal the more secure your chastity will be. Remember the cage girth is also an important factor, again this size should be as near as possible to your non-erect most flaccid state. Go as small and as slim as you can without restriction of the non-erect penis.

Which Chastity Device?

The chastity device used for installation example is a purposely small chastity cage, selected to show no matter how small and tight fitting the cage is, it is still relatively straight forward to get your ring & cage on, comfortable for wear for your chosen period of chastity length.

Chastity device in video: The Cage of Shame Large using 45mm ring.

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  1. Thank you to the guy in the video for doing this chastity install demo, I couldn’t figure out how my testicles and penis were meant to go through a ring which at first seemed far to small for purpose. Having watched this video I discovered the technique of pulling on the ball sack and making room the other side of the ring for your bollock to fall through into. It’s actually easy having watched this vid.

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